DVD Life and Origin of Life – Exploration from Science and Spirituality – Rome

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Second International Congress  –  Rome, Italy (2004)


The Second International Congress on Life and its Origin was organized to answer questions such as:
1. Can modern scientific knowledge satisfactorily explain bio-diversity, consciousness, and the origin of life?
2. Could we integrate spiritual axioms into the experimental research related to life and its origin?
3. What new knowledge may we obtain through an integrated, interdisciplinary study of life and its origin?
4. Can studying life’s origin from the various perspectives of the world’s spiritual traditions help us to better understand evolution?
5. What are the possible means to introduce spiritual truths into the scientific mainstream?
· Hear, see, and benefit from the most relevant moments of this congress. Witness its conclusions as if you had been personally present.
· An easy and enlivening way to present the topic to your friends or students!
· An efficient tool to promote discussions in your own group on the advantages of pursuing the science and spirituality dialogue.

From the desk of the General Secretary, Presidency of the Italian Republic:
The Second World Congress on “Life And Its Origin” represents an occasion to strengthen our commitment towards the life’s values of solidarity and respect for human rights. […] The President of the Italian Republic expresses his profound appreciation for the Bhaktivedanta Institute and offers his cordial salutation to the illustrious speakers, to the Event’s organizers and to all the participants of the Congress.


More information on this DVD – The perfect complement to the book (proceedings).

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DVD Life and its Origin  –  Exploration from Science and Spiritual Traditions
Second International Congress on the Origin of Life  –  Rome, Italy

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