Man and Nature – Science and Vedanta

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·  The mathematization of nature: how did it happen?
·  The unlimited mysteries of nature: still much more to be discovered.
·  What is man’s relation to nature?
·  Scientific conceptions over the decades: foundations are shaken.
·  The limitations of present day science is often acknowledged among scientists. This intellectual challenge can be a formidable eye-opener for the next generations of researchers: new tracks!
·  Many elements of nature were forgotten over the centuries and never included in the equations. Time is ripe for clever scientists to uncover them and bring a new dimension in the study of nature!
·  Preserving the environment: a common responsibility for all, and another good reason for scientists and spiritualists to join hands.
·  If you understand the problem, it is likely you will be able to fix it.
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Man and Nature  –  Scientific and Vedantic Perspectives

The mysteries of nature. Man’s relation to nature. Preserving the environment.

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