Tattvajijnasa – Scientific and SpiritualityQuest for Ultimate Reality

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An eye-catching magazine accessible to all  –  Ideal for the young science students

“Tattvajijñāsā guides the students in making the topmost scientific inquiry and spiritual advancement. I heartily congratulate Dr T.D. Singh for bringing out Tattvajijñāsā for the students.” Prof. S. K. Dube, Director, IIT Kharagpur

I am sure that the Tattvajijñāsā will inspire the student community to discover the meaning of life and commit them to build a better tomorrow.” Prof. P.B. Sharma, Principal, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi

· Keep your mind healthy and young with these thought-provoking articles!
· Explore various facets of science and spirituality in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way.
· Gain realizations from illustrious researchers who are both scientists and religious practitioners, and very glad to be so!

– How to bring about creativity, according to Nobel Laureate Alan G. MacDiarmid?
– What qualities need to be developed in order to rise from being a simple technician to becoming a researcher
Plastics conducting electricity? What is the fairly simple principle behind this?
– What amazing animal can generate electricity (up to several hundreds of volts), store it, and release it on demand?
– How can a simple glass and a bottle of soft drink serve as a demonstration of the existence of a thermodynamically unstable system, which is not even supposed to exist?
– “Many of the things we take for granted in modern life (consumer electronics, for example) only exist because scientists and engineers have understood the peculiar aspects of quantum physics and made devices that rely on them.” Learn more on this subject, from Nobel Laureate William D. Phillips!  
– “My scientific understanding supports my faith.”… “There is no reason to believe there is one and only one way to look at life.” Read more!
– How can mathematical equations help a mathematician develop a genuine appreciation for spirituality and a faith in God?
Computers can now beat the world’s best chess players. …However, we still can’t get them to think like a 5-year old child. Why?
– What are the different ways of acquiring scientific knowledge about God? How much can we know about God by our own intellectual efforts?


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Tattvajijñāsā  –  Scientific and Spiritual Quest for Ultimate Reality
An eye-catching magazine accessible to all  –  Ideal for the young science students who are curious to know more about the ultimate reality, and the possible synergy between science and spirituality.

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