All India Science and Spirituality Quest – Allahabad Conference

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– What about fetal learning and cognition within the womb? References from the Bhagavat-Purana.
– How do you set up a scientific experiment to demonstrate that science or a particular scientific method gives an exhaustive account of reality?
– Vedic literature enshrines scientific and technical knowledge, including time dilation or relativity. Read examples and get references!
– Support for the idea that life originated on Earth in a primordial soup is beginning to wear thin, in the light of geological and astronomical evidence.
– The improbability of the abiogenic theory of life originating from chemicals is verified scientifically. Read this brilliant yet accessible step by step demonstration!
– Ayurvedic practice and results outscore those of Western medicine, not only
in the treatment of complex diseases but more importantly in healthy living.
– What are the top 3 attributes for a good leader? How to transform your colleagues and the organization from being merely effective to achieving greatness?
– The evidence of use of metals in Ancient India can be divided into two sources: literature and archeology. Discover amazing truths!
– What are some examples from modern science of how chemists, biologists, and others can perceive the presence of God?


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Science and Spirituality Quest (AISSQ) – Conference in Allahabad (2010)
Published jointly with: Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, UP, India

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