All India Science and Spirituality Quest – Tirupati Conference

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Guest of Honor: Prof.Roger Kornberg, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, USA.
Contents from 21 biologists, physicists, chemists,  mathematicians.
Published jointly with Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.

· See how to combine the use of science and technology to a spiritual awakening, in order to contribute to the evolution of a truly universal human civilization.
· Envision how to improve education in order to simultaneously reach excellence and social equityin a true economic and ecologic national regeneration.
· Keep in touch with some of the latest developments in science, and witness how science can serve spiritual practices, personal well-being and peace.

– What is the important key to success in science, according to Nobel Laureate Roger Kornberg?
– The new technologies are creating a growing feeling of social isolation … suicides … breakup of the family system … serious threat to the environment … How is a balanced social transformation going to be achieved? See Manmohan Singh’s plans.
– Unravel some of the mysteries of consciousness, with the specialist A.K. Mukhopadhyay.
– Discover how to make the best use of the written resources on vedic cosmology, to help solve the numerous mysteries of the universe.
– Better understand and conceptualize time dimension, and anticipate research in this field!
– Find out why meditation is gaining popularity as an alternative therapy, and how it can efficiently help one regain health!


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Science and Spirituality Quest (AISSQ) – Tirupati Conference Proceedings (2007)
With Prof. Roger Kornberg, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, USA, as well as many other scientists, biologists, physicists, chemists,  mathematicians.

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