All India Science and Spirituality Quest – Trichy Conference

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Why do organisms age and die?
– Absent from the textbooks is that the famous Nobel Laureates Pierre and Marie Curie were conducting paranormal research. … In 1906, Pierre wrote: “I can’t doubt it any more.” Find out more!
– What evidences from Archeology, Paleontology, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Developmental Biology contradict the Darwinian theory of human evolution?
– Apparently it is not at all surprising that ants behave like ants, etc. But how do the animals know when and how they should do what they do?
– See for yourself various Vedic postulates that were discovered before the advent of modern mathematics, physics and astronomy

– Great scientists like Schrödinger, Niels Bohr, Oppenheimer and John Wheeler were also Upanishad scholars.
– How is it that since the industrial age, a strange concept appeared (and continues till date): treating diseases by suppressing their symptoms?
– Each rogue cell is a potential future cancer. What are the main reasons that encourage or discourage those rogue cells to blossom into a deadly cancer?
– What are the results of prayers for chronic or terminal illnesses – particularly heart disease, cancer, headaches, muscle pains, anxiety, and depression?


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Science and Spirituality Quest (AISSQ) – Conference in Trichy (Sri Rangam) 2008

Contents from 28 eminent speakers, biologists, physicists, chemists, mathematicians.
Published jointly with the National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
This conference received a grant from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India

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