Biotechnology – Science and Vedanta

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Vedanta and Biotechnology – Bioethical Perspectives


· Provides stimulating insights into what has now become one of the most extraordinarily revealing arena of our times.

· Touches the latest biotechnological revolutions, from cloning to highly debatable stem cell research.

· Covers most important bioethical questions.

– Receive relevant data from the eye-opener Vedanta! Take advantage of the scientific and spiritual knowledge disclosed in it… and gain a nice advance for your own scientific research.
– Learn how to be blessed to obtain a child endowed with numerous good qualities (for peace and happiness of the human race), as taught by the Vedantic pediatrics.
– Teach your students with more ease and confidence; answer their pressing questions in a fascinating way.
– Become a more responsible citizen. In this risky era of biotechnology, offer this planet (Bhumi) and all its children some of the best solutions.

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Biotechnology and Vedanta – Bioethical Perspectives
Stimulating insights on Vedanta and Biotechnology. Bioethical questions. Cloning and stem cell research. Vedanta and Pediatrics. How to get a nice child.

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