Life and Origin of Life – Exploration from Science and Spirituality – Rome Conference

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Second International Congress  –  Rome, Italy (2004)
This congress provided a very fertile and open platform for an interdisciplinary approach for exploring the origins of life, in order to answer questions such as:

– Can modern scientific knowledge satisfactorily explain bio-diversity, consciousness, and the origin of life?
– Could we integrate spiritual axioms into the experimental research related to life and its origin?
– What new knowledge may we obtain through an integrated, interdisciplinary study of life and its origin?
– Can studying life’s origin from the various perspectives of the world’s spiritual traditions help us to better understand evolution?
– What are the possible means to introduce spiritual truths into the scientific mainstream?

The book contains all the lectures given by both scientists and religionists during the three-day congress.

  • Read and benefit from the eye-opening presentations given during this congress, as if you had been personally present.
  • A unique way to broaden your understanding of life and its origin.
  • An efficient reference for students and scholars alike.

Discover outlines and hints for possible future research areas on this topic.


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Life and its Origin  –  Exploration from Science and Spiritual Traditions
Second International Congress on the Origin of Life  –  Rome, Italy

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